Croatia is a small country located in Southeast part of Europe.  Surface of the country is 56,594 square kilometers or 21,851 square miles  with population of 4.28 million. It is also relatively young country as it declared independence from Yugoslavia on  8 October1991 and it was international recognition by United Nations in beginning of 1992. The Republic of Croatia is a unitary country that use a parliamentary system of governance.  Parliamentary elections are every 4 years and  people how have a right to vote are choosing members of parliament and majority in parliament are choosing the Prim Minister. He is the strongest political figure in the country.  Presidential elections are every 5 years and president is in charge of Croatia army and foreign policy affairs.  Since Croatia became independent in 1991 it is divided into 20 counties plus one more ,country capital city of Zagreb .

Croatia has a universal health system that is providing a form of mandatory insurance of all factory workers and craftsmen.  All the citizens are covered by a basic health insurance.

Tourism in Croatia is one of the main industry that accounts around 20% of countrie GDP. Tourism started in 1890s when the Austrian Empire started to build  holiday resorts in coastal town of Opatija. From Opatija resorts had spread all over the country.  Main tourist attractions are  coastal regions around Dubrovnik Split, Zadar, Rovinj , Pula plus country National parks and country capital and town of Zagreb. Of course that we need to mention that Croatia has more then 1200 islands that offers  unique opportunities for nautical tourism.